Featured Artisan – Barn 39

Featured Artisan – Barn 39


Newcomers to the Niagara Etsy Artisans team! Barn 39, is a fresh little home decor shop and deeply connected to the beauty in nature. Barn 39 looks to mother nature for inspiration, and design techniques often recovering bits of driftwood to masterfully craft into dreamy little nautical stars, rustic planters, and their dry arrangements.

Their collection also features children’s customizable vintage styled growth charts. What kid doesn’t love marking their daily progress toward ‘getting big’? These adorable, decorative wooden charts will make excellent gifts for your little ones that will get SO much use!


Barn 39‘s creative spark doesn’t stop there – they create many more lovely items for your home, celebrations, and holidays! Like amazingly ruffly burlap wreaths and cheery buntings strung on dainty ribbons. Have an idea? Inspired by a decor item you saw on Pinterest? Need a customized gift? Barn 39 can execute it with perfection and charm.


Please be sure to stop by and give our dear friends at Barn 39 a warm Niagara welcome at Etsy: Made In Canada: Niagara on September 23rd at Heartland Forest. They’re a delightful artisan and in their own words:  A local mother, professional procraftinator, sometimes creator of nice things





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