Featured Artisan – Bella Grey

Featured Artisan – Bella Grey


Welcome to our scouted artisan, Bella Grey! This summer we took a trip to Goderich to visit one of the largest artisan festivals in Ontario and were SO glad we did! Bella Grey‘s jewelry is unlike anything we’ve ever seen and we knew they just had to be shared them with you. Be sure to budget appropriately when you shop at Etsy: Made In Canada: Niagara – you will want to take home several of these pieces- some for yourself AND for some for gift giving.

A sneak peek at their process: Inspired by a variety of materials, Bella Grey jewelry designs start with beautifully smooth, wonderfully contoured natural beach stones. Some of their designs incorporate vintage and re-purposed elements like lustrous vintage buttons. No two pieces are exactly alike and each delivers a unique and personal statement.

The Bella Grey Motto: Let your own creativity and personal style flourish ~ Always try to see the positive and growing side of every situation ~ Enjoy!





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