Featured Artisan – Butlersburg Woodworking

Featured Artisan – Butlersburg Woodworking

Butlersburg Woodworking is a homegrown, handcrafted cutting board, kitchen accessory, & custom furniture business located in historic Niagara-on-the-Lake. Durable, artistic, & personalized items are created using a variety of high-quality exotic hardwoods.

Kevin, a native of Niagara-on-the-Lake & owner, designs & names each cutting board. Inspired by the historical figures & landmarks he has been surrounded by, the boards have been given names like ‘CORUS,’ ‘BUTLER,’ ‘the ROYAL GEORGE,’ and ‘the QUEENSTON TRIANGLE.’ Kevin fabricates the boards in his woodshop. What started as a way of using up scrap wood from Kevin’s shop after the custom furniture builds he has done, Butlersburg Woodworking cutting boards have now grown into a full-scale operation.

A variety of domestic & exotic hardwoods are used to make their products including Canadian Black Walnut in the ‘General Brock.’ No scrap is left behind and new products are continually being added to the mix.

After each cutting board is sanded to a smooth finish, all of them are soaked with a food-grade mineral oil to condition the wood. This brings out the rich colors and unique wood grain in each one. To complete the process, a combination of mineral oil and beeswax made by local Niagara bees is added to seal the wood.

Check out their shop on Etsy or on their social accounts.



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