Featured Artisan – C3 Candle Company

Featured Artisan – C3 Candle Company


Hello to a new addition to our team from Welland: C3 Candle Company. Makers of lovely handcrafted and highly scented, wooden wick soy candles.

C3 Candle Co. creates handmade soy wax container candles using high quality wax and fragrances, along with unique wooden wicks. These wicks burn similar to the common cotton wick, however they do not need to be “trimmed” upon each lighting. Each candle comes with the little unique touches of a scent appropriate font, and custom handmade and branded wooden lid. Adorable, right?!

These contemporary styled candles would make a great addition to any living space and are perfect for gift giving! Like marshmallows? You need to smell their toasted marshmallow candle. Are you fond of ylang-ylang, like we are? There’s a candle in this classic scent, too!



Head over to their shop to investigate all the delicious scents and more details on their process. Find them in person at Etsy: Made In Canada: Niagara this fall.





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