Featured Artisan – Cedar Bee Handmade

Featured Artisan – Cedar Bee Handmade


Cedar Bee Handmade is a mom & wife living in Canada, who truly loves her homeland and often uses Canadian themes in her designs. The adorable selection of Canadiana prints are our favorites, too!

When the Cedar Bee maker is not chasing after her little guy or one of their assorted animal friends, you can find her at her sewing machine or seeking inspiration on a lakeside walk in the beautiful southern tier of Niagara. It’s true, there’s an unending well of beauty in this region of ours upon which to draw creativity from all year round!

Don’t you think using soft, fluffy, flannel is a brilliant way to keep teething babies dry? So fashionably smart!  All of these beautiful fabrics have been pre-washed using an allergy free detergent and are ready to wear.

Bring your babes, big, small, and in-between over to visit the Cedar Bee Handmade tent at Etsy: Made In Canada: Niagara this September. You’ll find something cozy for everyone!


Cedar Bee Handmade





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