Featured Artisan – Infinittay

Featured Artisan – Infinittay


Since the weather has definitely shifted to cooler temperatures, sooner than we’d hoped… it’s time to come to terms with the months ahead. But, hey – silver lining? It’s cozy crochet and knitwear season, and there will be plenty of excellent choices this year at Etsy: Made In Canada: Niagara.




Now showcasing: InfinittayHandmade crochet + knit items as well as bohemian style dreamcatchers and woven wall hangings. Makers of warm, fuzzy-wuzzy cuddle up and get down wear… Just what you need to get you excited for rustling leaves and a cool breeze. Shop with them this September 23rd and celebrate all things handmade in Canada.  #MICNiagara #MIC2017


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