Featured Artisan – Kitties & Cabernet

Featured Artisan – Kitties & Cabernet


Who loves Wine? Who is #teamcat? Right. All the smart people. If either of those awesome things are a passion of yours, Kitties & Cabernet’s a shop you must visit!

The Kitties & Cabernet brand evolved organically from this talented graphic designer’s lifestyle as a cat lover and wine drinker extraordinaire.  From the artist, on her process:

“With cat(s) in lap and wine in hand, all pieces are handmade with love and inspired by my furbabies, Tux and Poppy.”



Since the launch of her line, artist Jaime worked 7 days a week to keep up with the overflowing orders for her brand’s adorable and hilarious designs on cards, prints, T-shirts, and hand painted tablewear. Kitties & Cabernet best selling items are custom orders for pet bowls, human mugs, and wine glasses. Hint:  they are a crazy good gift idea!

An animal lover’s and compassionate brand; Kitties & Cabernet chooses an animal charity to sponsor at each market they participate in throughout The Golden Horseshoe. When you make a purchase from them your dollars are helping shelters, strays, and baby kitties! That means 10% of every sale goes directly to an animal rescue in need in and around the region.



Additional fun facts: Kitties & Cabernet graphic designer, Jaime Drayer, is our own graphics wizardress here at Niagara Etsy Artisans, as well as our newly appointed team leader! Incredibly hardworking, full of ideas, and a true visionary in the world of handmade; we’re so grateful to work on all things NEAT together.  Be sure to visit this featured artisan – maybe even surprise her with a flask of Cabernet, Saturday September 23rd, at Heartland Forest.





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