Featured Artisan – Looner Creations

Featured Artisan – Looner Creations


We have a unique jewelry maker to introduce to you today! Say hello to Looner Creations, makers of lovely and intricate chainmaille work of art. The quality of their craftsmanship is unmatched in this genre of jewelry. Maybe it due to their 30 years of experience in producing hand crafted items.  The artisans behind Looner Creations are self taught on beading and chainmaille techniques and have a  passion for using their hands to create these high quality items.


Looner Creations


Each chainmaille piece is created one ring at a time, following ancient ’weaves’, as they are called, to produce unique jewelry for people of all ages! Looner Creations loves to craft distinctive pieces that grab attention and receive compliments. Patience, skill, and creative design work brings each of these beautiful works to fruition.


The artisans at LC love a challenge! If you have a concept, or custom design, please contact them to take your ideas and thoughts from virtual to actual. Come to see the unbelievable talent of Looner Creations at Made In Canada: Niagara!





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