Featured Artisan – Lovely Wild

Featured Artisan – Lovely Wild


Greeting cards with a twist! Welcome to dear, sweet, Lovely Wild. Creators of gorgeous cards with an total WOW factor!  Their collection features both dynamic original art and glorious vintage images.  They will have you stocking up on your greeting cards – we know you cannot resit these amazing little works!

What is Lovely Wild all about you may ask…? It’s about encouraging you to be you. Let Lovely Wild help you use your best voice: To say congrats, send a card just because you care, for a special birthday, to say thanks to a friend; or for any old reason, really.


Lovely Wild wants you to celebrate every and all occasions – maybe even make some up for kicks. And mark it the old fashioned way; the sentimental way, with a memorable greeting card containing just the right sentiment – sweet, funny, quirky, something with sizzle. They’ve got it all!


Their moto: ” You don’t have to be just one thing, you can be all of the things. Don’t regret anything. Be real. F*** it.”





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