Featured Artisan – Miss Egress

Miss Egress


Hello friends! Our featured artisan today is Miss Egress, (formerly Monkeys & Mustaches) a true Jane-of-all-trades and no newcomer to the artisan scene.

This sweet shop features some clever, one of a kind vinyl work which is showcased in conjunction with their impeccable and enviable sewing skills! Looking for a ‘just because’ gift for your BFF, or a little pick me up for yourself? Miss Egress has you covered!


Miss Egress

This tent will be just like walking into a unique boutique, packed with many adorable curiosities. FYI, this silly & slightly mouthy shop is a 16+ station! As Miss Egress would agree, she’s slightly nutty – but in the BEST way. Meet the maker at Etsy: Made In Canada: Niagara this fall.





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