Featured Artisan – Munching Monster Chewlery

Featured Artisan – Munching Monster Chewlery


While we are talking jewels today, let’s not forget the ever soothing chewlery!

Munching Monster Chewlery creates mommy and baby teething accessories and children’s jewelry in wearable designs and super fun shapes! This shop owner took her love of creativity and inspiration from her life as a new parent to a ” little monster”  and set about creating unique teething products. Now, there’s a shop FULL of bright and colorful items for new moms, tots, and hip kids. If you are a new parent or, you’ve got a new baby in your life, this is absolutely your go to shop for a happy, soothed little babe.

If you want to win at gift-giving at the next shower you attend; stock up on some chewlery at Etsy: Made In Canada: Niagara!




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