Featured Artisan – Nefarious

Featured Artisan – Nefarious


Have you gotten a kimono yet? No? Better see the Nefarious team on September 23rd. They’ll assist you in choosing just the right pattern and style for your new wardrobe addition. Fashionable kimonos really make the perfect, lightweight adornment for any outfit. Jeans & a t-shirt? Put a kimono on it and it’s all boho upscale. Summery dress? Don a coordinating kimono for instant elegance. Even your office wear gets a new vibe with this little number!

A kimono is also ideal for transitional early fall weather; just a light little something to layer on top of any type of outfit you choose. Keep one tucked away in your tote, or backpack for when the cooler winds rustle. With so many endless ways to wear yours, you better buy two!





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