Featured Artisan – Our Own Ontario

Featured Artisan – Our Own Ontario


Introducing Our Own Ontario. They are two friends with a shared interest in gardening and growing  nutritious food for families. Misha has a long history in the food industry and Ann – well, Ann likes food. ​

​Starting a microgreens business made perfect sense. Combining a shared passion for gardening and contributing to their families; while also offering a farm fresh superfood to the Niagara community.

You can find them May – October in the southern tier markets selling their sundry items: greens, farmhouse soaps, salves, canned goods, sprouting kits, granola, prepared seasonings, and probably something we left out!


Meet the enterprising local farmers & Etsy shop owners at Etsy: Made In Canada: Niagara on September 23rd at Heartland Forest.





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