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Animal lovers, fur mamas & daddies; Royal Tails is a full service pet nanny & wellness business that you absolutely need in your lives! Located in St. Catharines, this company will care for your pets while you are away and offer an endless array of services and packages. One incredibly unique offering is their very OWN line of pet care, grooming, and wellness products. They’ve even got adorable pet aromatherapy lockets for your beloved fur baby’s collar!


Royal Tails


Royal Tails founder, Charlene, has always been more than just a passionate animal lover – she is deeply connected to anything with a tail! As a child she wandered over to neighbor’s homes to visit the local pets, ask to walk their dogs, and just enjoy the company of loving and loyal animals. As an adult, volunteering at the local humane society became a very rewarding part of Charlene’s life and was the spark of inspiration for starting her now thriving business…



“And so it began! First and foremost I am proud to be a part of so many pets’ lives today. Now a full-time dog walker, pet nanny, house sitter, fur mom and business owner (take a deep breath!) my passion has forged my career. One that aligns with my purpose and gives back to so many in my community.”

— Charlene Davidson, Royal Tails Founder


Royal Tails


You can find the effervescent, deeply caring, super fun Royal Tails group at Etsy: Made In Canada: Niagara on September 23rd selling their praise worthy pet goods! You will be so pleased you took the time to check out this local gem of a business.





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