Featured Artisan – Stained Lace

Featured Artisan – Stained Lace


One of the fastest growing little handmade businesses in Niagara: Say hello to our sweet friends Stained Lace.

Their maker motto is: We love to make your life & home dreamy … the handmade way

And it’s true! You are going to LOVE their new line of decorative shelving units that can be paired together to form unique wall art that provides little vignettes of beauty and storage. They even have the cutest, tiny wooden houses adorned with bright green air plants to decorate your stylish shelving.


When you shop with Stained Lace, you’ll also experience some the biggest smiles, most genuine kindness, and have a really great time browsing their ever-growing line! We already own 2 shelves… but now we heard they are making them BIGGER. So, we’ll be adding to our collection – because we absolutely cannot get enough of their crazy good design aesthetic. Have a look for yourself, and follow their gloriously ethereal Instagram account. Just don’t try not to get sucked into spending hours at a time on their page… we maybe do that once, or twice, a week!


Stained Lace


Find these artisans very, very SOON at #MICniagara! Be there or be square.





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