Featured Artisan – The Vivid Canvas

Featured Artisan – The Vivid Canvas


Hello And welcome to our new team member: The Vivid Canvas!

Here’s the artist’s bio:

I love gardening and nature. It’s what feeds my soul. Late each year, after a briefly welcome rest from the garden, the long wait for spring begins. When that happens, creating artwork with vibrant colours is, I’ve discovered, a perfect way to connect with nature and the sleeping garden outside that I miss so much. Having grown up with art and having been a graphic artist for the past 25+ years, painting is a natural progression for me. Thanks for visiting my shop. I hope you feel some of the same sense of joy and wonder viewing my artwork as I feel creating it.

Please note the fluid acrylic paintings – they are wonderfully explosive with color and an upscale touch to your home’s contemporary¬†or modern vibe. We just love their work! Be sure to make room in your vehicle to take a piece home with you on September 23rd! See you there…






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