Featured Artisan – The Wayward Gent

Featured Artisan – The Wayward Gent


Do you know a bearded man? Do you think his beard is lovely, but could become – with a little extra something special, a gorgeous spectacle to behold? The Wayward Gent has all of the beard grooming tools a fella could ever want.

The Wayward Gent Beard Care is a line devised only for men and their woefully wild whiskers. These goods help control fly-aways and wayward scruff. The balms and oils will definitely add needed moisturize to soften and tame the most wayward of facial hair. Their scents are ever so manly and and very pleasant. For the scent averse: there’s also the Straight & Narrow, or, 100% unscented. And that means there’s something for everyone with a beard to beautify.



Come one, come all to the Wayward Gent tent at Etsy: Made In Canada: Niagara. They’ll steer you and your beautiful beard in the right direction; (fashion) forward!


The Wayward Gent





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