Featured Artisan – Bella Buddha Beads

Featured Artisan – Bella Buddha Beads


Today’s highlighted artisan probably needs no introduction, We are sure most of you are probably wearing something designed by them on your person right now! They are a leader and a force for good in the local handmade scene, spreading love, laughter, and a bunch of sparkle wherever they go: Bella Buddha Beads.

So, exactly how many BBB bracelets do you own? I think there’s a dozen under this roof… and there’s a bit of room for a few more. Because – have you see the glimpses of their fall line? OMG It is filled with fashion must haves for perking up boring old jeans and tees. This fall the BBB look is back to black and oh – so sleek, the collection is freshly influenced by their fully Instagrammed and extended summer vacation in Italy.



Visit this local maven at Etsy: MIC: Niagara on September 23rd. Get there EARLY to avoid the crowds! Bella Buddha Beads, a true Niagara lifestyle brand, magnetically pulls you into their tent with all its glorious selection, good vibes, and superb fashion forecasting.

Love the bracelets so much that you are inspired to make your own? Bella Buddha Beads will come to you! Ask them about hosting your own party or workshop, and they will show you & yours a great time while making magic with gemstone beads!





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