Featured Artisan – My M. co.

Featured Artisan – My M. co.


Hands down coolest urban toddler wear is from My.M.co.! And it’s created right here in Niagara by an lovely mom turned rad designer! Amazing, right? Their playful takes on style and micro-fashion are adorable and cool in every perfect way.

Their savvy clothing line grew out of a desire to have a few less sparkly, brightly colored clothing options for their oldest child, Mia, the M in the My.M.co. name. Now they have a tremendous following on social media for their fun, funky, and fashionable clothes for tiny tots. There’s even a few clever and comfy pieces for moms and dads, too. ​Fingers crossed they come out with a line of bigger kids clothing… We know a few grade schoolers who’d love to sport this look!


Their business philosophy:

Our mission is to help those in need with some of our profits. Maybe helpless animals, orphans, or other moms! My M.co. will also try their best to teach Mia to love and support others. And together, we will be the change that we would like to see in the world! xoxo


Be sure to stop in to say hello to the bubbliest and most beautiful baby boy – the latest addition to the My.M.co. family! Find them when you are shopping at  Etsy: Made In Canada: Niagara.





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